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Still looking for a Master Thesis or a Semester Project for the upcoming semester?

We offer a range of bachelor, master and semester projects for both engineers and biologists. Projects are not always listed on the website. If you find an interesting topic within our research fields do not hesitate to contact Prof. Zenobi-Wong or the group members for more information.

Development medical adhesives for cartilage tissue

For the successful integration of an engineered cartilage tissue graft, the graft should be stably attached on the damaged tissue site. In this project, we aim at developing pressure-inducible tissue adhesives for cartilage damage repair. Show details 

Surface-immobilization of enzymes using mussel-inspired approaches and its application for surface-mediated hydrogel formation

Enzyme-immobilized surfaces can provide a platform for in situ crosslinking of hydrogels. Several enzyme-mediated hydrogel systems will be explored throughout the project. The immobilization methods will be optimized considering enzyme activities and efficiencies of hydrogel formation. Show details 

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