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We are the Cartilage Engineering + Regeneration Laboratory (CERL) in the Department of Health, Science and Technology (D-HEST) at ETH Zürich. We work towards a comprehensive understanding of cartilage biology which will allows us to develop novel, multidisciplinary solutions to treat cartilage injuries. Our mission is to regenerate tissues back to their functional, pre-injury state, thereby restoring joint function and promoting the return to a healthy, active, and pain-free lifestyle.

Our group members come from disciplines ranging from biology to materials science and engineering and we collaborate actively with clinicians. Using tools from these disciplines, we hope to control the behavior of cells so that the molecules they produce will be assembled in a manner which recapitulates tissue formation in vivo. These approaches include Hydrogel Functionalization, Bioprinting, Drug Development & Delivery Systems, Multiscale Assembly of Co-Cultures, Crosslinking Control, Living Differentiation Reports and Gene Therapy-Based Control of Differentiation.

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