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Cryomill is a machine used for powdering tissue samples in frozen state. It was invented by Retsch GmbH, Haan, Germany.

Cryomill from Retsch GmbH, Haan, Germany

Liquid nitrogen is regulated throughout the process to keep the temperature at -196 °C during the sample milling. Cryomill uses LN2 to freeze the sample in 10 minute pre cooling before the actual milling is performed. Due to cryogenic conditions proteins, protein fragments and growth factors are preserved functional in the milled particles. By varying the number of milling cycles and the milling time the optimal particle size can be achieved. After the milling the sample can be sieved for specific size range of particles. This machine is fully automatic and can be used for any tissue powdering.


  • Wet and dry grinding possible
  • Grinding jars: 25ml (stainless) and 6x 2ml Eppendorf
  • Vibration frequency: 5 – 30 Hz (300 – 1800 min-1)
  • Fully automated

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