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Our widefield and structured illumination microscope is typically used for live cell imaging or fast acquisition of 3D samples.

Table Fluorescence Microscope  
Table for the Fluorescence Microscopy

* The apotome only works through 170um glass coverslips, also called #1.5. It cannot work through plastic and is not calibrated for other coverslip thicknesses.

** The 25x objective has a ring to correct for oil and glycerol as well, but the default position is water. If you change it, please put it back.

*** In bold: works for sure (our objective is compatible according to its datasheet and has the appropriate prisms/rings on both sides).

In italic: objective compatible cf datasheet, but we don’t have the prisms (We don’t have the DIC0 and DIC2 prisms mounted on the microscope now).

**** Numerical aperture. Ideally, resolution=a*l/NA, with a between 0.47 and 1 depending on the definition of resolution used.

Filter Cubes

1- Transmitted light

2- GFP

3- DsRed

4- mRFP


Others extensions

Incubation chamber (temperature and CO2), autofocus, robotic stage (tile scans, multi-position time lapses…)

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